Lower Your Monthly Payments

Take advantage of our PMI removal services in Phoenix, AZ

PMI payments are often necessary for first-time homebuyers, but you can dispense with this payment as soon as you have enough equity in your home. Valley Sun Appraisals in Phoenix, AZ assists with PMI removal. We work with all major lenders to handle mortgage and PMI payments.

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Different ways to build your home's equity

With enough equity in your home, you can have financial freedom and peace of mind. You may be able to increase equity in your home by:

  • Making a large payment on your home loan
  • Improving your home with remodeling projects or new appliances
  • Waiting for your home's value to increase with the housing market
With our private mortgage insurance services, you can find out if you've built enough equity to eliminate your PMI payments. Speak with our owner today about PMI removal.